As an international automobile forwarding company we have many commercial and private customers in Switzerland and good relationships to this sector’s organizations.

Our goal is to make car imports to Switzerland more comfortable, easier and most of all more tangible. In cooperation with our partners we created an all-inclusive solution for car shipping and importing to Switzerland.

We take care of all logistic efforts, no matter if your car comes from overseas or Europe:

  • Transport by open or enclosed car trucks to Switzerland
  • Customs clearance at the Swiss border
  • Payment of all dues: duties, tax, VAT
  • Optional: transfer to local refitting garage
  • On-carriage to your door


You would like to import a vehicle from USA, Canada, Brazil or Japan? A self-import from overseas seems complicated and intangible at first:

How can I make sure that my money is wired to the seller?

Who guarantees that my vehicle will really arrive in Switzerland?

Where will my vehicle be loaded and unloaded?

How much does the whole car shipping cost me?

Compared to the local automotive market, imports from Canada, USA, Mexico, Brazil and Japan are attractive. Here you can save some money and make some great deals. Through our long-term business relationships, we have contacts with reliable car dealers. We’re happy to put you in touch!

As a renowned shipping and receiving agency in Bremerhaven, we have a worldwide network of cooperation partners with whom we transport vehicles every day and ship them to Europe. We undertake sea transport with the world's largest shipping companies and can offer you attractive freight rates through volume contracts.

IArrived in Bremerhaven, your vehicle will be unloaded at our warehouse and sorted for the next possible transport. Our complete offer also includes customs clearance at the Swiss border, including all applicable import duties. Alternatively, you are of course free to take over the import clearance yourself.


Treuhand- und Escrowservice

Securing foreign currency is one of the most important roles in international trading. Whether private or business, no one wants to advance the purchase price to a seller in Brazil, USA or Japan, without having any security. However, most sellers insist on paying before handing over the vehicle.

We offer our clients a fiduciary service in these cases. Arrange a fiduciary payment with your seller and we will pay the purchase price only after the vehicle has been handed over.

Transport insurance

If you have purchased your new or used vehicle from the seller without transport insurance, it is always advisable to make such an insurance in order to prevent financial risks and losses.

You have the possibility to conclude a transport insurance in the course of the shipment order.


After you have signed the purchase contract with a European dealer, we are happy to take over the import to Switzerland for you. With open and closed automobile transporters we pick up your new or used car from the seller. In addition to automobile transport to Switzerland, our service also includes import clearance at the Swiss border and the payment of import duties. Upon request, we will gladly arrange the contact to a regionally-based garage before the vehicle is delivered to your doorstep, so the refitting can we taken care of.


We also offer our escrow service in Europe: Arrange a fiduciary payment with your vendor and we will only pay the purchase price after the vehicle has been handed over.


From 2021 onwards Switzerland will have a CO2 limit of 95g / km. So far, it is unclear how Switzerland will adapt this limit to the domestic automotive market. But if you want to protect yourself from the consequences and you are looking for an alternative: the purchase of an electric car might be your solution.

Alternative drives are on the rise in Switzerland, especially vehicles with electronic motors are enjoying a steadily growing demand and are in full swing. It is not only good for the air, but also for your wallet.

In 2016, gasoline hybrid vehicles were able to achieve a high plus, and even purely electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular, and the market for alternative drives is growing steadily.

As one of the leading automobile forwarders in Bremerhaven, we are already dealing with electric vehicles from overseas and Europe. For the safe handling, the import to Switzerland and the successful approval, special conditions have to be met. We are already prepared and equipped to deliver your electric vehicle to your doorstep quickly, conveniently and operationally.


Here are the answers to frequently asked questions about car import to Switzerland