bonded warehouse & port service

In addition to our contractor’s warehouses and terminals we have opened the LPL Car Center in January 2016.

It is alarm secured, video controlled, certified by German customs authorities to be used as a bonded warehouse and is even an ideal location for additional logistic services. Beyond that, the LPL Car Center has got 4 fully equipped garages with hydraulic lifts, a washing area and sheltered storage areas.


The LPL Car Center is a certified bonded warehouse. Vehicles can be stored duty and tax free, as long as they are sold. Classic cars and modern-era classic cars can be stored until they are qualified (at least 30 years of age) for duty free import into the EU.

Of course our facility is also useful to store EU-origin or customs cleared goods, for example as an intermediate sales depot for export cars and trucks.


DOur employees are experienced technicians with various additional qualifications, such as automotive mechatronics engineers, experts for refrigerant disposal and analysis.

Our services

  • Analysis and R12 refrigerant disposal for classic cars by own experts and issue of official certificates
  • 3 fully equipped Port Service
  • International (customs) registrations
  • Car transport (on own wheels) inside free port
  • Cargo control, vehicle inspection with photo documentation
  • Loading and unloading control with photo documentation
  • Car wash, interior cleaning, finishing
  • Smart repair
  • Errands