Homologation US Cars

The retrofit will ensure, based on EU registration requirements, that the performance characteristics of a vehicle are in such condition so that it can be approved in Europe.

New and used vehicles and above all classic cars from overseas usually do not meet the technical requirements for successful homologation and subsequent approval. The prime example is the execution of the lighting on the vehicle.

LPL Automotive GmbH offers in cooperation with our regional partners the homologation.

Where conventional car repair shops are often overwhelmed, we work together with specialized companies for the refitting of imported vehicles from overseas to the adaptation and approval.

We are particularly proud of the refitting of vintage cars. Here, it is explicitly ensured that the original condition is maintained. If an adaptation could be at the expense of the original condition, the car masters of the specialist companies will discuss this in advance with you personally.

The technically flawless condition is a prerequisite for a successful refitting.

If the used car or vintage car does not meet the requirements of the TÜV, our car dealers will carry out the repairs at attractive prices.

Your vehicles will be demonstrated throughout Germany exclusively at official TÜV inspection points.


Your vehicle has been retrofitted and the TÜV has made no objections during the inspection: The imported new entry complies with European standards and can finally be approved and the car letter issued.

Your advantage: The refitting or homologation at our regional vehicle dealerships is always included. TÜV approval and approval, including a motor vehicle letter, so you get a ready-to-drive vehicle with all the papers delivered directly to your door.


Rain, snow, salt and humidity. Indispensable in our latitudinal lines: Corrosion protection for motor vehicles of all kinds. For the preservation of value of new and used vehicles, as well as vintage cars, we offer in cooperation with automotive specialists in Bremerhaven a cavity seal. Passive and permanently active rust protection methods are available, of course solvent-free.

Attention: Cavity sealing is strongly recommended for new vehicles, as there are no rust pre-damages.


Of course, we will not cut anything on your vehicle.

But it's got a pretty long journey behind it, leaving dusty tracks every now and then. To ensure that your vehicle arrives fresh from the sales room, we offer you after unloading in Bremerhaven optional basic cleaning of the interior and / or complete wet washing of the body.

Of course, we also prepare the vehicle for you before delivery upon request.

In addition to professional polishing by specialists, we also offer Smart Repair for minor blemishes.

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