As an internationally operating shipping agency we are focusing on long term relationships with our partners. Our customers are well known automobile and utility vehicle manufacturers, wholesale dealers, car dealers and importers and exporters.

In addition to the shipping we are also able to offer our commercial customers complete door-to-door concepts as well as individual parts in the logistics process.

As your export/FOB agency we will arrange all necessary steps to enable fast, secure and cost effective loading of your automobiles, utility vehicles and machinery onboard the ships. Of course, all related export and freight documentation (including letter of credit compliant) is provided.

If you have import business we can be your receiving agency and port agency. We will receive your goods in Bremerhaven, Hamburg, Antwerp or Rotterdam and take care of unloading, storage, customs clearance und delivery to your chosen destination.

All release points will be accompanied by written handover certificates (inspection reports). On top of that you will have online access to inventory lists, photos, documents and much more.


LPL Car Center
In addition to our contractors’ terminals and warehouses we have started our own facility in January 2016.

It is secured with an alarm system and certified by German customs to be used as a bonded warehouse. It allows industry and commerce customers to establish their own sales depot for import and export vehicles. Cars can be restored and stored until they are sold or ready for shipment. This sales depot enables you to reduce delivery time, cars will be available faster. For import cargo you don’t even have to advance duty and tax charges. Take advantage of this unique competitive edge. At the same time you can use our LPL Car Center as your show-room, enabling you to present your cars to your customers. We offer to accompany your customers to your warehouse inside the LPL Car Center, so you don’t even have to come to Bremerhaven yourself.